Stand-up Baladi

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Middle Eastern Comedy's freshest voices take the stage in Beirut for six outrageous standup specials packed with razor sharp jokes, hilarious anecdotes and awkward confessions. Tune in the Standup Baladi series to %end an evening with the next generation of Lebanese stand-up.

STATUS: Completed
RUNNING TIME: 6 Eps x 20 Min
GENRE: Stand-up Comedy
DIRECTOR: Andrew Hraiz
COMEDIANS: Shaden Fakih, Nour Hajjar, Hussein Kaouk Mohamad Baalbaki, Chaker Bou Abdalla, John Achkar

Awk.word is the first underground stand-up comedy collective in Lebanon. It was Andrew Hraiz, Dany Abu Jawdeh and Paul Alouf’s answer to the stale comedy scene in the country, and their counteraction against its outdatedness. Awk.word aims to disrupt the comedy scene through free speech, one that raises sociological awareness, pushes the limits of censorship and fosters change. It aims to empower oppressed groups, such as the LGBTQ+, atheists, and women, by giving comedians of various identities the chance and the means to do what they love.