Live from Berlinale 2024 | NFTVOD: Cinemoz launches its Web3 marketplace for Film & TV

The above picture is solely for illustration purposes. Cinemoz does not claim any licenses on the titles featured in it.

As part of its efforts to expand the reach and audiences for its streaming service, Cinemoz has unveiled its new Web3 product entitled NFTVOD, a decentralized and universal Film store. “We’ve been developing Cinemoz’ NFTVOD as a full VOD integration onto the Blockchain, enabling viewers and studios to watch, trade and monetize Film & TV products without any intermediary. Think of it as iTunes on Web3, where we mint entire films into NFT format and provide a Global marketplace for audiences to have access to direct ownership of their favorite Films and TV shows” commented Maroun Najm, Cinemoz Head of Distribution.

Cinemoz has leveraged its VOD licenses, user base and Film market expertise to finalize the model and product with a pilot run on Tezos.

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