Arabs in Space

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A crew of poorly picked Arab explorers are sent into deep space to save the Middle East.

STATUS: Completed
RUNNING TIME: 5 Eps x 16 Min
GENRE: Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy
DIRECTOR: Nina Hajjar

Synopsis: Thousands of years ago, a holy scripture was written by the wise ones of early Arabia, to protect Arab civilization throughout the tides of time and history. The scripture was kept secret and passed on from generation to generation between every leader who ever ruled an Arab land. It is believed to have been hidden on distant planet for safekeeping. Today, in the year 2155, the Middle East faces ultimate extinction. Oil and Gas have run out across the region, leaving Arabs stranded with no resources whatsoever, due to lack of development of any other assets throughout their modern history. Nations are crumbling back into tribal factions, all foreign working class, engineers, and scientists have fled. Chaos has spread everywhere, and no one is left to operate the last remaining infrastructures. The end is upon all Arab civilization. In one last desperate attempt to save the Arab World, the few leaders left in place come together for the first time in centuries, with a unified decision: A team of exceptional and heroic Arabs will be sent into the deep corners of outer-space to bring back the ultimate guiding light left by the ancients.

Cinemoz is proud to announce the release of their original productions slate. Arabs in Space, one of four originals that the VOD platform has been developing. Helmed by the most promising regional talent across the Middle East, Arabs in Space is the first sci-fi & adventure comedy, that has the bold ambition of being a building block in Cinemoz’ desire to kick-start an exciting new content market: Arabic Genre. Cinemoz has already established its position as one of the leading video on demand services across the Arab world and started expanding its interests into relevant and generational Arabic content; along with catering to a new demand from younger Middle Eastern audiences. On the production front, we adapted to the budget restraints, the lack of locally available resources and the risk of creating disruptive content to a growing yet opinionated viewership . Arabs in Space boldly dreams up a new Arab world and deals, through comedy, with the nation’s current apathetic state, all in a high end set design and post-production efforts that set new regional standards for in-house studio productions. This could only make for a prime project aligned with the Cinemoz vision for new Arabic content. Creating an avenue for projects and stories that could find a public and widespread distribution could only be done the Cinemoz way! Arabs in Space is the brainchild of young and emerging talents; it promises to leave you with a new kind of humor that deals with the most germane topics in the Arab world.