Yerevan to Nowhere

Arthur finds himself far from home and in a haunted house where he discovers a friendly ghost, Missak, a Cold War-era militant, seeking closure.

FORMAT REFERENCES: Feature Film, 90 min
GENRE: Dark Comedy, Mystery, Supernatural, Neo-Noir
STATUS: In Development
LANGUAGES: Arabic, English
ATTACHED TALENTS: Panos Aprahamian, Fuad Halwani (Writers)


Arthur, a disillusioned French-Armenian college dropout, arrives unannounced in Yerevan to surprise his ex-girlfriend Julie. When she rejects him, Arthur seeks refuge in an abandoned house, where he encounters Missak, a ghost according to whom, was assassinated in 1980s Yerevan. Desiring closure, Missak urges Arthur to investigate. Initially indifferent, after initial doubts, Arthur sees an opportunity to impress Julie by aligning with Missak's ideals. His investigation leads him down a rabbit hole and into Yerevan’s shadowy underworld, filled with political conspiracies, deep-state agents, shadow people, criminal gangs, drug dealers, street musicians, and paranormal occurrences. But after witnessing Missak's tumultuous past, Arthur gains a newfound motivation to free Missak from his limbo. With the help of Missak’s old comrades and ex-fiancée, Arsinée, will Arthur discover what had happened to Missak?