The Magnificent

An ousted British double agent and disgraced Soviet spy tries to win back the favours of his handlers during his last stint in 1962 raging Beirut.

FORMAT REFERENCES: Limited Fiction Series, 5 Eps x 36 min
GENRE: Comedy, Alternative History, Parody
STATUS: Early Stage Development
LANGUAGES: English, Arabic, French


After one of his weekly meetings with his handler Masha Akimova, Quilty senses that what used to be routine debriefs are quickly turning into full-on interrogations. Unfortunately for him, last night at the KitKat Club Quilty, barely conscious, ends up spilling his secret about his affair with the sulphurous Mrs. Plant, who is none other but the wife of his old friend and espionage colleague Timothy Plant.

Mr. Plant, being no debutant spy, rapidly uncovers the truth about Philby and Mrs. Plant. Driven by anger and pain, he decides to tip Quilty off to one of his contacts at the American embassy for the information not to be traced back to him. Quilty is now more exposed than ever and must act fast before facing a dangerous fate. Inspired by an encounter with writer Yousif Majid, he designs a Machiavellian plan to get his status and trust back from the KGB: he will meticulously organize a mock assassination of the Soviet ambassador in Beirut, only to save him by uncovering his lies and become a hero in the eyes of his handlers, the Soviet leadership, and ultimately, the public.