Audience Technology Support

VAST metrics support

We currently support the standard VAST metrics and measurement:

  • Start (Ad matched)
  • View (3 seconds, fullscreen, no autoplay)
  • First Quartile (25%)
  • Midpoint (50%)
  • Second Quartile (75%)
  • Complete (100%) / VTR
  • Click / CTR

VPAID support

VPAID payloads are a legacy technology that is not supported by Cinemoz Audiences for viewability measurements.

VAST+VPAID tags are still supported for tracking but the VPAID payloads will not be triggered.

If viewability measurements are required for your campaign you will need to issue VAST 4.1 tags with AdVerification/OMID.

Always, keep in mind that Cinemoz is a brand safe platform with a 100% viewability rate.