Cinemoz: Stand-up Baladi on Prime time News

Lebanon's thriving stand-up comedy scene took the spotlight on LBCI's February 27th News broadcast, featuring Cinemoz and Stand-up Baladi. The segment showcased clips from the standout show by comedians John Achkar, Shaden Fakih, and Chaker Bou Abdallah.

John Achkar, a leading figure in the Lebanese comedy scene turned TV anchor on LBCI, highlighted stand-up's role in presenting raw truths to audiences, while Philippe Yacoub, Product & Content Manager at CinemozTV, emphasized the difference between theater and stand-up.

This segment not only celebrated the comedic talent in Lebanon but also recognized stand-up comedy's growing significance as a platform for cultural expression and social commentary in the country. Through platforms like Cinemoz and its flagship show Stand-up Baladi, Lebanese comedians continue to captivate audiences and spark important conversations, enriching Lebanon's cultural landscape with their wit and insight.

Full video from LBCI's segment here:

الضحك المعاصر: ما هو الستاند اب كوميدي؟
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What is Stand-up on LBCI Prime Time News

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