A heist thriller set in the first fantasy take on the World of the 1001 Nights,
following the untold story of one of its most iconic characters: Sindibad.

FORMAT REFERENCES: Feature Film, 120 min
GENRE: Action Fantasy, Historical Drama
STATUS: Early Stage Development
LANGUAGES: English, Arabic
ATTACHED TALENTS: Chadi Abo (Director)


At a time when myths and legends were failing to inspire people, the great Sindibad the Sailor returns home only to get robbed of his precious antiques collection. As he unleashes all of the Kingdom in search of the culprit, we discover
the existence of another Sindibad, who has his very own take on the known legend.
The story unfolds through the eyes of Sindibad the Carrier, one of the 1001 Nights secondary characters that was always in the shadow of the iconic Sindibad the Sailor. This unique dynamic and underdog character is how Sindibad
proposes a fresh take on the legend, while allowing for a thrilling heist fantasy, at the crossroads between Ocean’s Eleven and Game of Thrones.