Secrets of the Red Sea

The Saudi Arabian shores of the Red Sea have been preserved pristine for centuries. Join the seascape as we follow a team of award-winning oceanic filmmakers and explorers, who venture for the first time in years to uncover the underwater secrets that await the World at the bottom of the Red Sea.

FORMAT REFERENCES: Feature Documentary, 52 min
GENRE: Environment, Nature and Science, Culture , World Heritage
STATUS: Early Development
LANGUAGES: English, Arabic
ATTACHED TALENTS: Olivier Bourgeois (Director/Producer)


Olivier Bourgeois is an award-winning filmmaker and World traveler who dedicated his carrer to capturing breathtaking natural sites and local cultures. With Secrets of The Red Sea, Olivier is inviting the World on the first underwater expedition to uncover the wonders hidden off the shores of Saudi Arabia.

From unique marine species, unique ecosystems and hidden mysteries, the film offers a unprecedented discovery of the Red Sea’s wilderness and the importance of preserving its environmental balance.