Rule of Thieves

At the height of Lebanon’s economic crisis, a group of strangers held hostage in a bank heist in Beirut decide to team up with the amateur bank robber, to escape and carry out a series of increasingly daring heists across the city, turning them into overnight viral celebrities. Little do they know, similar groups and individuals around the World start to replicate their criminal actions, attempting to take justice into their own hands.

FORMAT REFERENCES: Feature Film, 100 min
GENRE: Bank Heist, Crime Thriller
STATUS: Early Development
LANGUAGES: English, Arabic, Spanish, Greek
ATTACHED TALENTS: Mohammad Hassan (Writer)


In the midst of a high-stakes bank robbery in Beirut, strangers Jenan, Moussa, and Ruby discover a shared plight with the robber, Karim. They help him escape and become social media heroes. Conspiracy theories arise, linking them to a Robin Hood-style group. But what begins as a desperate attempt to withdraw their own money quickly spirals into a global story sensation. Around the World, similar heists and occurrences are happening in countries going through economical and financial collapse, where ordinary people are left with no choice but to resort to crime in order to seek justice.

With an ensemble of characters connecting from Lebanon to Argentina, Greece and Nigeria; the amateur bank robbers, their hostages and the bankers in power show intertwined destinies.