Upon the brutal murder of Palmyra’s head of antiquities, three women are reunited as the sole inheritors of precious artifacts he smuggled from the ancient Syrian city, unaware that their quest to preserve the past stands at the crossroads of a Global Art conspiracy.

FORMAT REFERENCES: Limited Fiction Series, 8 Eps x 50 min
GENRE: Dramatic Thriller, Art Heist, Family Saga, True Events
STATUS: In Development
LANGUAGES: Arabic, French, English, Danish
ATTACHED TALENTS: Carol Mezher (Writer & Showrunner) | Gabriela Flores (Co-Writer & Producer)


In 2015, amidst the Syrian civil war, Palmyra faced widespread looting and destruction. Omar Al Mansour, a devoted archaeologist, strives to protect the heritage in his custody. Faced with escalating offensives and lacking support, he plots to smuggle some of the most valuable and globally coveted antiquities to the iconic Hotel Palmyra in Baalbeck, owned by his close friend Rania, despite her grappling with financial struggles and a corrupt investor. With the help of Fereale, a former singer turned art merchant, his daughter Zenobia and his staff, Omar leads the operations. But Rania’s last chance to save her property from total collapse is derailed by an unexpected shipment delivered to her door: the world-renowned “Bust of Queen Zenobia”, Palmyra’s museum lost antique wonder and latest craze of the Art market.

When Omar is ruthlessly killed by an ISIS squad, the lives of Fereale, Rania and Zenobia intertwine in an unanticipated reunion urging them to deal with the hidden antiquities, as Omar’s last testament. Amidst the reigning chaos and ISIS’ hunt for the prize, the three women embark on a journey to preserve their past, only to uncover Omar’s dark family secrets while ominous buyers and collectors wait impatiently overseas...