In the early 2000s, previous Miramax and IBM talent partnered-up to launch one of the first Video On Demand services dedicated to Arabic-speaking audiences and MENA markets.

Cinemoz was created to answer a need for more direct and versatile access to premium Film & TV across the Middle East, at a time where On Demand Video and Over-the-Top Media industries were taking off globally.

Set-up between Beirut and Dubai, Cinemoz launched at the Dubai Film Festival in 2012, and has since gathered over 8 million monthly active users across Egypt, the GCC, the Levant, North Africa, and the Arab diaspora.

Cinemoz Studios emerged in 2017 with the aim to revolutionize premium Arabic genre entertainment production. Focused on emerging local production talents making their mark on the global stage, Cinemoz Studios serves Arabic-speaking online viewers. Cinemoz Studios aims to fill a void in the industry, with groundbreaking Arabic genre-driven series such as sci-fi, horror, action, and thrillers, all proudly born in our region.

As of recently, the year 2022 marked a pivotal moment with the introduction of Cinemoz TV, short content for and by the Arab youth.