After learning that they are the sole inheritors of their grandmother’s cannabis farm in Lebanon’s infamous Bekaa Valley, two Lebanese-Mexican twin sisters venture to start the first organic CBD-oil company specialized in the renowned Lebanese strain: Red Leb.

FORMAT REFERENCES: Feature Film, 90 min
GENRE: Drama, Comedy, Stoner Flick
STATUS: Early Stage Development
LANGUAGES: Spanish, English Arabic


Maya and Luna, twins in Mexico City, manage “La Aceituna," a Lebanese family restaurant their parents founded. Close to their late father Marwan, Maya took over the kitchen after his passing, while savvy Luna handles the business. But as they face a thirties crisis, Maya sinks into an aimless routine of getting high and experimenting with oils, while Luna nears burnout managing the place with several financial struggles. Amidst family drama and with no prospects ahead, the sudden passing of their grandmother turns their lives upside down as she leaves them an unexpected legacy: a seemingly worthless Lebanese mountainside ranch, home to a thriving cannabis plantation used for the notorious Red Lebanese hashish.

From then on, Maya embarks on a journey that will lead her to launching with Luna the first organic CBD Oil company between Lebanon and Mexico. Together from both ends of the World, the entrepreneurial sisters will have to overcome their rift and differences as they realize that the highway to cannabis glory is paved with all sorts of obstacles; and that the Mexican power game of business and illicit crime is as patriarchal, ruthless, and opportunistic as the one in the valleys of Lebanon.