Lovecraftians Chronicles

An original anthology inspired by one or several novels from H.P. Lovecraft,
the most acclaimed Horror author of all time.

FORMAT REFERENCES: Fiction Series, 8 Eps x 52 min
GENRE: Fantastic
STATUS: Mid-Stage Development
ATTACHED TALENTS: Xavier Jeans, Juan Carlos Medina, Andrew Desmond (Directors) | Arthur Morin (Showrunner)


From the late 1880s to the early 1920s, several characters unite to face and protect humanity from the Lovecraftian Horrors they uncover in the shadows. Among them, Doctor Boileau, a humanist doctor who surrounds himself with a group of investigators to fight cultists and monstrous creatures, or also Joséphine Dabrowski, an impetuous young adventurer who becomes gradually corrupted by her discoveries. Like the role-playing game, the characters brought together by Boileau will form a group of experienced and well-established investigators, ready to face the horrors to come. Some will lose their life or a part of their sanity, and others will survive…