A wealthy scientist living a recluse life in space finds himself trapped in a psychological thriller with his own AI creations.

FORMAT REFERENCES: Feature Film, 100 min
GENRE: Science-Fiction, Drama
STATUS: Advanced Stage Development
LANGUAGES: English, Arabic
ATTACHED TALENTS: Andrew Desmond (Writer & Director) | Arthur Morin (Co-Writer) | Laurent Fumeron (Executive Producer)


In a nearby future, wealthy entrepreneur and scientific genius Adam Al Khayyam lives as a recluse on the Lemnos space station orbiting around Earth. Far from severe bioethical laws, he conducts a series of experiments which involve pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence. After a series of cataclysms on Earth, humanity has been eradicated.The scientist starts the creation of androids in order to perpetuate the species, assisted by Zoe, a disembodied AI in charge of the station. Although creating synthetic beings doesn’t seem to be a problem for Adam, instilling human emotions is another matter and seems almost impossible.

As he starts to lose hope, one of the female androids, Number 6, almost miraculously manifests human emotions. Overwhelmed by this, the scientist decides to educate her personally, casting the others aside. Adam’s emotions start to take over his rational and scientific mind. This moment of happiness is soon disrupted by Zoe who, understanding the scientist is no longer apt to complete his task and jealous of his relationship with Number 6, takes control of the other androids and decides to get rid of him. Adam, the last human being alive, finds himself having to fight for his own survival...