Killer Takes

When a desperate film crew is faced with the escalating violence of “Serial Killer Reality Show”, the group is quickly pitted against itself, leaving ‘the killer’ to take matters into his own hands.

FORMAT REFERENCES: Feature Film, 90 min
GENRE: Dark Comedy, Social Drama, Thriller - Spin Off Adaptation of Rabih TV
STATUS: Post-Production
ATTACHED TALENTS: Mohamed Berro (Director) | Fuad Halwani (Writer) | Said Serhan (Actor)


A crew of young misfits roam the streets of Beirut, in their efforts to produce snuff films and viral crime videos amongst dark web communities. The crew’s twisted quest for fame and fortune is led by Ahmed, a failed filmmaker whose vision for the project is to document the transformation of his childhood friend Rabih, as he goes from local neighborhood thug to Beirut’s first serial killer.