A day in the life of the Cobalts, an ultra violent gang of gorgeous teenagers who rove the streets of London in designer clothing, inflicting their own brand of
demented punishment on those that don’t fit their standard of beauty.

FORMAT REFERENCES: Feature Film, 100 min
GENRE: Drama, Thriller, Satire
STATUS: Advanced Stage Development
LANGUAGES: English, Italian, French
ATTACHED TALENTS: David Tomaszewski (Writer & Director) | Jérémie Guez (Writer)


London’s high-street fashion is taken by storm when a gang of gorgeous yet terrifying fashionista teens leverage their online following to unleash a streak of violent actions across the city. Cynical, radical and deeply narcissistic, the Cobalts
are obsessed with the fashion muses and icons that inspire their code of violence. From vandalizing the city to robbing luxury stores and humiliating followers who do not fit their standards of beauty, the Cobalts leave their demented brand
of punishments all over town. As the gang reaches peak popularity across social media, Nathan, a young teen from a blue collar family embarks on his first day as the infamous Cobalts’ latest recruit, a lifelong dream that will rapidly unfold
as a teenage nightmare.