CinemozTV branding and fair use guidelines

CinemozTV branding and fair use guidelines
  1. Obtain explicit written permission from Cinemoz Group for publishing promotional material or original content from CinemozTV.
  2. Follow the prescribed branding guidelines, including the incorporation of appropriate watermarks and outros.
  3. Ensure that the use of content aligns with fair use principles, maintain content integrity and uphold professional media standards.

Branding guidelines

  1. The watermark must visible entire duration of the sequence, with the opacity layer at no less than 50%, it is recommended for the watermark layer to be an exact overlay on the video content.
  2. The watermark doesn't need to be featured in bumper, outro or intro sequences.
  3. Multiple watermark design options and positions are provided below for both 16:9 and 9:16 video formats.
  1. Individuals featured on CinemozTV, seeking to repurpose video content, must ensure that the official CinemozTV watermark is consistently applied throughout the entirety of the video. This watermark should be present from the beginning to the end of the main content.
  2. At the conclusion of the video content, talents are required to incorporate designated outro bumpers. These outro bumpers are to be appended without any overlapping watermarks.
  3. It is crucial to ensure that the transition to the outro bumper is seamless and that the watermark is not superimposed on this concluding segment.

Sample project template

Below is a sample template to help you comply and apply with the above guidelines.