Cinemoz signs global distribution rights for internationally-acclaimed Syrian docudrama ‘The Oath of Cyriac’

The Oath of Cyriac

Cinemoz Studios secures worldwide rights to critically acclaimed and festival darling 'The Oath of Cyriac', a gripping feature by Director Olivier Bourgeois. The docu-drama retraces the unprecedented testimonies and accounts of the archeologists curators and everyday people who fought to save millennial old World heritage artefacts from Aleppo’s National Museum during the Syrian conflict in 2015.

Co-Founder Karim Safieddine explains: “We’re thrilled to add The Oath of Cyriac to our roster of titles, as part of our efforts to find breakthrough stories for and from the Arab World. This is a very important and singular film that will serve as a cross generational reference and documentation of events, a culture and a heritage we should all transmit. Olivier and his team did a tremendous work to turn Archeology into a thrilling story that can’t leave any viewer indifferent”.

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About The Oath of Cyriac

Category: Feature Documentary Drama
Runtime: 74 min

Cast & Crew

Written & Directed by: Olivier Bourgeois
Co-Written by: Dr. Yasmine Mahmoud
Edited by: Franck Meyer
Original Score: Laurent Wolf

Official Website

The movie THE OATH OF CYRIAC is a feature docudrama based on the breathtaking true story of ordinary people struggling to save the antique collections of the Aleppo Museum.

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